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Peppermint Lovers Bundle Pack

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4 - 6packs of our Peppermint Moon Bars.
Living in these busy bodies, we don’t always have enough time to prepare ourselves a meal. The Moon Bars are a perfect source of protein when you’re On-the-Go, and will keep you feeling nourished with good, clean energy.
This bar is a great option for a pre-workout, post-yoga or can be enjoyed as a dessert!
Sweetened with dates, our Moon Bar has a Super-Food base made with powerful plant foods, found right here, on Planet Earth. Margalaxy Moon Bars are a nourishing and mood enhancing cosmic treat that will keep you full until your next meal.
Peppermint Cacao Date Bar.


Almonds, Dates *, Cacao Powder *, Chia Seeds *, Flax Meal *, Almond Extract *, Coconut Oil *, Coconut Palm Nectar*, Vanilla Extract *


-Contains Almonds-


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