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NEW! Moon Balls

Pack of 4 Moon Balls

Margalaxy Moon Balls are Cacao Date Clusters Dipped in Chocolate.
Handcrafted with love in Portland, Oregon
Our product is devoted to people who want to kick the refined sugar habit.
Living in these busy bodies, we don’t always have enough time to prepare ourselves a meal. The Moon Balls are a perfect source of protein when you’re On-the-Go, and will keep you feeling nourished with some good, clean energy. This guilt-free delight is a great option for a pre-workout, post-yoga or can be enjoyed as a dessert! Treat yourself and your body with a Margalaxy Moon Ball!

What’s in a Moon Ball?

Cacao Powder *
Chia Seeds *
Flax Meal *
Almond Extract *
Coconut Oil *
Coconut Nectar *
Vanilla Extract *
Cacao Butter*

*Organic Ingredient


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